Dunmore Cave Kilkenny

Dunmore Cave
Formed over millions of years and home to some of Ireland’s most impressive calcite formations and a quarter of a mile of passages the limestone formations which date back over 300 million years are a must see when visiting Kilkenny. The caves have been in use for centuries and have over the years unearthed some interesting archaeological finds including the remains of humans and animals along with Viking jewellery. The cave also has a dark past and was the scene of a Viking massacre in the 9th century as recorded in the Irish Triads, locals fled to the cave to seek refuge but were found by the Viking raiders. In 1999 a hoard of silver wrapped in fine silk was found hidden away deep in the cave and has been dated to 970 AD, it is believed the hoard may have either belonged to a Viking whom intended to return at a later date or was an offering to the subterranean gods and spirits.

Located 11km or 21 minutes from the Kilkenny Hibernian Hotel, the Dunmore Cave offer a fantastic journey through some of Ireland's best and most impressive cave system. The Kilkenny Hibernian Hotel is the perfect location from which to both begin and end your Dunmore Cave experience.

For more information on opening times, fees and directions visit Dunmore Cave's Official Site