24 Hours in Kilkenny

Discover The Top Things to Do in Kilkenny City & County in 24 hours

DAY 1 - Explore Kilkenny City’s Medieval Mile



Click Here to view the Medieval Mile Map

Kilkenny is known as the Medieval Capital of Ireland & one of its main charms is its adorable medieval, winding & cobbled streets. Walk along Kilkenny’s medieval mile to discover the city’s historic highlights.  As Ireland’s best-preserved medieval city, the mile captures 800 years of history and hosts renowned and hidden gems, from the magnificent 12th Century Kilkenny Castle & parklands.

Click here to view Kilkenny Castle's Park & Gardens.

 48hrs 1

Visit Kilkenny Design Centre & Castle Yard, learn the origins of Irish art, craft and design while discovering local Kilkenny producers & makers.

48hrs 2

Make a visit to the enchanting Rothe House & Gardens. Grab a city map & enjoy the sights for yourself, or join in on one of Kilkenny’s many city tours, on foot, by city train or on a Segway. Choose between the Kilkenny City Road Train which is a big hit with the kids or take in Kilkenny City's best highlights with one of Shenanigan's Walking Tours. You can also treat yourself to a modern tour of Kilkenny with a Segway tour of the medieval city. 


Free Things to Do in Kilkenny:

Kilkenny offers a brilliant range of different activities that you can do for free during your stay in Kilkenny such as visits to galleries, churches and cultural trails. Visit Kilkenny have made a list of great things you can do for free in Kilkenny so click here to read their list. 


Best Instagram Picture Locations in Kilkenny:

Kilkenny is a stunning medieval city and Kilkenny County is also has a beautiful part of Ireland so there are plenty of locations across the county for you to find some photo opportunities to update your Instagram story or grid. Click here to find out the best 5 photo opportunities in Kilkenny.


Shop till you drop in Kilkenny

There are so many shops, bookstores and standalone boutiques in Kilkenny city. There is a huge amount of independent stores in Kilkenny City that offer quality pottery, glass, hand woven fabrics, styling clothing and more. High Street and Parliament Street are worth exploration for shopping as does The Butterslip and Kieran Street where you will find a mix of fashion, crafts and jewelry stores. 


Learn the skill of Hurling in Ireland's #1 Hurling County

Learn about the history & culture of the GAA along with a beginner’s lesson in Hurling with a fun Hurling Experience in Kilkenny.