Rothe House

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Located just off the High street in Kilkenny and only 8 minutes from Rothe house, the Kilkenny Hibernian hotel is ideally located in Kilkenny city centre to visit both the Rothe House and the various other popular tourist attractions such as Kilkenny Castle, The Smithwick's experience and St Canice's Cathedral.

With Kilkenny city on our doorstep, you will be spoilt for choice and not lacking for things to see, do or explore. Every tourist attraction in Kilkenny is within walking distance of the Kilkenny Hibernian Hotel, our proximity to Restaurants and Bars means your evening is guaranteed to be as eventful as your day.

Rothe House Museum and Gardens

Built between 1594 and 1610 by John Rothe Fitzpiers, Rothe house in Kilkenny is an amazing example of Kilkenny’s Medieval History and architecture.
The property comprises of 3 separate properties all connected by stunning cobbled courtyards and built by John Rothe to accommodate his family.

The property is now owned and maintained by the Kilkenny Archaeological Society who have a large selection of historical Kilkenny artefacts. The cobbled courtyards have been restored to reflect how it would have looked in the 17th century and the maintained gardens are a must see.

Rothe House Museum

The Museum boasts a various mix of pieces including a Giant Irish Deer, a species which has been extinct for over 10,00 years, the remains of the giant Deer were found in Co. Kilkenny and are on display in the museum.

The portrait painting of lady Hazel Lavery and the self-portrait of Sir John Lavery are both on display in the museum, Sir John was a famous portrait painter who is known for his portraits of Michael Collins and Edward Carson.
Known as the Robin Hood of Kilkenny the infamous Captain James Freney’s Blunderbuss is on display in the museum and has been kept in wonderful condition.
The Cist Grave on display in the museum was discovered in Carlow in 1970 and dates back over 4,000 years, the Bronze Age burial is well maintained and has been kept in wonderful condition.

Rothe House Opening Times & Contact Information

Monday - Saturday 10:30pm - 5pm
Sunday - 12pm - 5pm
Phone: +353 56 7722893

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